Julia E. Merkt
Elder Concierge Services
"What you need when you need it"

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In January, 2016, I returned to Bloomington where I graduated from the law school in 1981.

In 2003 I had moved to Indianapolis to join an elder law firm as senior counsel and with the intention of retiring in Indiana.  However, circumstances changed and in April, 2008, I moved back to my native Connecticut.  

 My 92-year-old stepmother, Gretchen, was beginning to fail, and I realized time was running short if I wanted to return the kindness and support she had provided me over the previous 37 years. We were able to share some very special times together, and I was able to support my stepsisters (all of whom lived out of town) in providing the increasing care, support and advocacy Gretchen required as the year passed. 

Shortly after Gretchen died peacefully in May 2009, with her daughters at her side, it became clear to me how much I missed my elder law clients.  I had come to realize that Gretchen had given me one last gift--recognition of the passion and joy I receive as counselor, advocate, and "daughter in town." 

To that end, I came out of retirement in order to provide the services so often identified in the course of my elder law practice.  I spent the next six years serving as conservator/guardian through court appointments and working with individuals, families, and other professionals in the community to maximize the quality of life of those challenged by aging and/or disability. 

Now, fully retired from my law practice, I am continuing the work I love in a new capacity as an "elder concierge."     I'm excited to be "back home again" in Indiana, and I am looking forward to this new opportunity to share my passion with clients.

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